Resonance and Distortion

Resonance & Distortion

Ever listen to a song that you really like, I mean, REALLY like.  The kind of song you just automatically reach for the volume to turn it up when you hear it.  It resonates with you and evokes powerful emotions.

But what happens when you turn it up past the point your speakers can handle: distortion.  It doesn’t sound good and ruins the mood.  Of course, if your speakers don’t reach this point, eventually your ears will (and then it’s more than simply not sounding good).

I like the idea of resonance as it relates to some idea — one that resonates with those who hear it.  You’re excited, the idea gets them excited.  New ideas emerge.  This is a powerful concept and when you find one, it’s a fun ride.

One temptation though when you are faced with a resonate idea, is to try to accelerate it and push it, turn up the volume as it were. But at some point, forcing the idea starts to create distortion (or pain) and that can ruin the entire wave.  It’s good to turn up the volume, but don’t create distortion.

Recall back when you were a child and getting the swing to go higher and higher.  It could only happen at a natural pace and required shaking your legs at the right time.  Shaking them wildly in hopes of getting yourself higher simply gets you laughed at.

Whether you are growing a company or growing yourself, there are natural limits to your ability to adapt and change, to grow.  If you start seeing the fruit of getting things better, you create resonance.  Push to hard and you can lose all you’ve gained.



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