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This blog captures some of my thinking related to both leadership and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, I have become particularly interested in marketing, communication, customer development, and user experience.  The goal of this blog is to capture insights about all of these themes for the benefit of others.

Who Am I?

After receiving my degree in Computer Science, I worked as a computer programmer at a large semiconductor company. During my time there, I created software tools, helped design flows of tools, and eventually managed a team of design engineers. After working on a new disruptive product, which was flailing (and later failed), I started taking a greater interest in strategic marketing. The company claimed their entire business strategy was based on Crossing the Chasm and The Innovators Dilemma. Since we were flailing, I decided to read these authors and it became very obvious that we were not executing, almost in any way, according to the guidance of those books; however, my curiosity was piqued. Shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to work for a new software startup and took a position as their customer facing engineer, bridging the gap between the engineering side and the business side.

Over the last several years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, done a lot of reading, and have learned a great deal. This blog helps me to both organize, amplify, and share ideas that I feel would benefit others.

Why Brink of Chaos?

The name of this blog comes from a fascination I have long had for the mathematics of Chaos. The most surprising aspect of non-linear mathmatics, chaos, is that it really isn’t truly chaotic. Chaos is simply the order beyond human comprehension. Just as one persons office organization system, is a total chaotic mess to another, so our understanding of the world is partial. This is where I think we should live our life: recognizing that we are not able to understand it all, yet reaching to understand those things which we can.

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