Good Design Requires Many Unseen Iterations

Anyone who has ever written software knows that if you were to lose your code after working for 3 weeks, you could rewrite it again in a fraction of the time. The reality is that finding the right solution is not a straight line, it’s iterative. Like this picture:

Another great example of the process of iterative design is watching a graphic designer in action. One graphic designer described the the journey of one of his projects and recorded a great demo showing viaually how non-linear the process is:

The most fascinating thing about watching the video is the number of complete designs he went through before finally arriving at the solution. There are many projects that require this type of iteration and it is usually what differentiates the amatuer from the profressional. Of course, the unfortunate thing is that when others see the end product it seems obvious; they don’t see all the iterations it took to get there.







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