Addicted To More

Gotta get my hands on it, my hands on it
Gotta get my hands on a little bit more
Won’t stop till I get it, till I get it
Won’t stop till I get a little bit more

Cause everybody wants
Everybody needs
Everybody wants
A little bit more

One too many is never enough.

One too many is never enough
When the one that kills you is the one that you love
One too many is never enough
                   – “One Too Many“, Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace sings about addiction and we might be tempted to think we’re free from this trap, but look closer. How many of us want just a little bit More — more money, more fame, more toys, more free time, more friends, more respect? We refuse to be content and keep looking for those moments when we can take our next hit of More: maybe buy something new or get recognized at work. We love the momentary rush but then its effects wane and we find ourselves once again getting the shakes for More. So begins the search for our next fix. If our contentment hinges on just a little bit more, we will never be satisfied because even one too many is never enough.

Worse, when we don’t just want More, we want crack-More — more than everyone else or at least more those who don’t deserve it.  At that point, we don’t even get the high from the little More we have and we just want more to relieve the withdrawal. (Check out The Global Rich List if we really think we don’t have more than others.)

If we went to More rehab, they might have us envision what it looks like when we truly arrive at Moretopia – when we truly have enough. Are we going to feel satisfied with $100 more, how about $1000?  What are we striving for? Why? And will it ever arrive?

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  1. Bill Gascoyne Avatar

    “In the pursuit of happiness, the difficulty lies in knowing when you have caught up.”
    R.H. Grenville

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