Screen-protectors & Regret

iPhone with Matte Screen Protector vs. Plain iPodSome years ago, I forked out birthday money for a 32GB iPod touch. It was time to join the horde and experience iOS myself. I purchased a screen protector and case to guard my new expensive possession. No one wants to use a scratched piece of technology.

After a few weeks, the screen protector has bubbles and scratches. I carry on using it, eventually putting a new protector on to replace the old, taking great care to make sure there are no bubbles. A few days later, it’s scratched again but I’m not going to go buy another one so I use it scratched. After a year, I tire of the scratches and take it off. How many scratches after another year? Zero.

Why in the world would we put something on my device that gives us the defect we’re trying to avoid? The gorilla glass does not scratch easily, but screen protectors scratch VERY easily. We do it because we want to avoid the regret of a scratched screen.  Once we scratch the glass, it’s hard to replace. We can’t go back.  So we live with the very condition we’re trying to avoid content in the knowledge that at least the condition could be changed. So to avoid the permanent disfigurement, we live with constant “temporary” disfigurement.

How else do we live a crippled life, refusing to use what we have for fear of losing it? How often do we make decisions that cause us more pain now, just so we won’t regret something in the future? How do reevaluate our past information (poor quality glass screens that scratch easily) with new ones unless we chose to take the leap and face the possibility of regret?

Face that possibility. Live life.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons License Lukas Mathis






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