What We Take For Granted

Claunch Reading RoomOne of my good friends grew up in El Paso, but had lots of family across the border near Juarez.  Before he was born, his mom had bought some land in Mexico and some of his family setup some buildings with whatever material the could find and made a camp on the land.  He used to go visit them and play with his cousins.  He assumed that he was extremely rich given where he lived relative to the rest of the family.  On his way into Kindergarten, he said he thought he was really something special.  “Man, we are so rich, we have indoor toilets!”  Of course, he then understood that this was the norm with all of his classmates.

Indoor plumbing – one of many things that we take so for granted that even when we make lists of things we take for granted, it doesn’t even make the list.  It’s hard to imagine not having water or electricity come to our houses, to not be able to buy goods from all over the world a few miles from our house.  Even as we are going through difficult economic time, we still live in a time of rich abundance.

Spend a few minutes looking around you and see if you can find some other things that you take so for granted you wouldn’t even come up with it except that it’s right there in front of you. Be thankful for it, even share it here if you feel so inclined.

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  1. David Delp Avatar

    I’ve been hanging with my 85-year-old mom this week. She has difficulty doing almost everything I find easy, walking, sitting down, hearing, remembering, breathing. I forgot some of the others. 😉

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