The Complaints of Youth?

Grandson and bubble Yesterday on the subway, a two-year old was whining over wanting his mother to sit next to him on the train. It’s easy for us to judge children as they complain about the trivial things in life, but how often do we do the same.

Every age of life has its own challenges and difficulties.  We have worries.  At two, it’s the piece of gum our parents just stole from us after we found it fair and square on the street. As teenagers, it’s our parents restricting our freedom after postponing cleaning our room. As we grow older, it’s our boss, or our children, or God.  We shake our fist at the limitations that we face and complain about it not being fair.

As we grow older, we see the complaints of youth for their triviality.  But in so doing, we must step back and wonder whether our complaints of today suffer from the same problem.  Are our complaints just as trivial as the two-year-old’s but we simply lack the perspective to see it?

Photo Credit: Martin LaBar






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