Projecting Your Perception

El ladrón cree que todos son de su condición.

This expression in Spanish, literally translates to, “The thief believes that all are of his condition”. In other words, they see everyone else as a thief. Another example would be that a liar believes everyone else is dishonest. This happens to all of us. We believe that what is important to us is important to those that we work with or are friends with. We don’t understand why someone doesn’t behave in a “rational” way — read: in a way that differs from how we would act.

This problem affects all communication that we have with our customers, our colleagues, our friends, and our family. This is a close pair to the Curse Of Knowledge problem and one which we must consider.  Others are not us and do not see the world as we do.  Accepting this is the first step to truly being able to communicate in a way that resonates with those around you.






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