Blame Avoidance vs Name Making


With the economic uncertainty that we are living through, there is a marked shift in thinking that effects almost everyone.

When things are good, there is a desire to be great, to stand out, to make a name for yourself.  You want attention because attention is sparse.  Success is celebrated and missteps are quickly forgiven.

When things are bad, people take a different strategy — avoiding blame.  They fall into group think, and take the course of action that is more conservative — a course that no one could question or find fault with, even if it fails.

This creates a disparity of innovation and only encourages the sluggishness of a company.  Moreover, once a company moves into this mode of operation, it can be difficult to move out of it, especially as corporate politics begin to win the day and no one wants to stand out.

However, this is the very time that you can truly make a difference in a company. To avoid the inertia of uncertainty, and instead drive results that help the company grow.  It’s not easy, but living in fear isn’t any fun.






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