Experiences versus Possessions: Stories Matter

Skydiving Experience

We communicate with stories because they are richer experiences and objects or things.  I found this study interesting because it actually helps demonstrate the difference in regard to the impact of buying an experience versus buying an object.  When things go wrong, it has a bigger impact, but it also has a bigger impact when things go right.  Perhaps this is why we get much more upset at services companies for making a mistake than we do when the object we purchased breaks.  Even when the object breaks, the experience we have getting it fixed carries more weight than the fact that it broke.

Any business should consider the experience of it’s customers with more weight than the product that it provides.  This is what allows them to tell stories about your business.

Personally, it is an indicator that we should invest in experiences over simple material possessions.  These are the things that stay with us long after the purchase.  Plus, you know you want to have a story to tell your great grandkids 40 times over. 🙂







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