ATM Trustworthiness – A Caution

In spite of verging on being paranoid when using ATM machines, we apparently fell victim to a recent scam either involving a fake ATM machine or possibly some form of ATM Skimming.  So, my recommendation is to use ATM’s only at known banks or in trusted locations and be on guard for any tampering with the machine.  Just a public service advisory – fortunately, we were able to recoup all of our losses.

[UPDATE: Here is a video of someone actually installing one of these devices]






2 responses to “ATM Trustworthiness – A Caution”

  1. Ann Avatar

    Wow! That video is interesting–can’t believe how many scams there are!

  2. Melissa Avatar

    That happened to me right befor I got married. Thankfully I was closing the account so I only had like $200 in there. Still I got my money back but it was a little annoying.

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