It’s interesting in the business world and really beyond the business world that ideas resonate or they don’t.  When talking to customers, collegues, investors, the ideas and solutions to problems can come in two forms.  Either you propose ideas that address issues, but don’t address some thing at the core.  When you identify and address something at the core, the idea resonates.  You don’t have to be excited about the idea because the idea itself generates the excitement just by talking about it.  The second kind is where you propose solutions, but they don’t generate that type of response.

It’s similar to looking at long bar.  You can bend the bar by exerting a lot of pressure, but if you find the resonate frequency, the bar will jump wildly even with a small amount of energy applied.  I think this also ties into another blog entry I’ll need to make before too long which goes into identifying people’s dreams and providing ways for them to accomplish their dreams faster.

I’ll have to think about this some more, it’s an interesting idea.






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