Photography and the Internet

One of my hobies, though I don’t get to actually do it much, is photography.  I’m inspired by a brilliant picture.  Lately, I came across two different sites that I was impressed with.  The first is Interfacelift and the second is Flickr.  For most of you, the latter one is old hat.  I had heard a lot about it in the news but hadn’t actually visited.  I was impressed.  The first link has some great wallpapers for changing your desktop.

Photography, as a profession, is very difficult to get into; so i have heard.  It’s difficult to differentiate yourself from all the others.  Now, it would seem it is even harder do do well with mediocre pictures, yet because pictures are so easy to share, the cream of the crop photos can become hits overnight.  Anyway, both of these links made me want to go out and buy a new camera, even if my pictures are only mediocre.






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