Voice Recognition is Always a Decade Away

We recently upgraded our phones at work to a centralized PBX.  One of the services provided for free as a trial, was transcribed voicemails sent to you as an email. Sure, the technology has been around for a while, but I wasn’t quite sure what to make of my French colleague’s recent voicemail (for the record, he speaks good English with a very pleasant accent):

Hi my did state I’m coming from, I think, I have a question regarding. Can mystery. You too you know I have a conflict as you kinda open so she can put it on Krista, I have if you like to DC really don’t flying actually to key, something to the inputs close to expect like I’m good on dog poop but I’m good but, when I try to decide has again those who wield you know rules where say something you can use it probably up, on top of each of those so it’s a little slice of space that don’t managed to Becky. The whites way so that, there was no space, wasted. Anyway I guess it we talked for everybody on Monday to see ****, I don’t how managed to too good to be, so if you go to the toe was work so we go through to next week bye.
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It was around the time that I got to “I’m good on dog poop” that I had a hard time not laughing during the call I was already on. I’m beginning to understand why I get so upset when a computer prompts me with: “What are you calling about? You can say anything from ‘Adding services’ to ‘Paying my bill’” (as though those are two extremes of some spectrum that no one but a computer could imagine.)  Undestanding your response, of course, is about more than mere transcribing, but still ends up getting me to whatever menu entry is closest to dog poop. Now I know why.

Voice Recognition, always only a decade away.






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