22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

I finished reading the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.  It was written in 1993 so it’s a little bit dated, but in that sense it make the principles more interesting since most of his predictions can be tested because you can see how accurate the predictions turned out.  The concept of the book though is rather interesting.  One of my favorite quotes was:

“Most people think they are better perceivers than others.  They have a sense of personal infallibility.  Their perceptions are always more accurate than those of their neighbors or friends.  Truth and perception become fused in the mind, leaving no difference between the two.”

The book focused on how people decide what to buy and essentially talks about how to market into the perception of the consumer.  Many of the observations run contrary to how you would think things work.   There are several online summaries that are worth taking a look at, but ultimately, I would recommend this book as a good overview and having some ideas that force you to think about the long term impact of marketing decisions on the mind of the cunsumer.







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