Dealing With Injustice: Swallowing Poison Pills

There is almost nothing more frustrating than someone taking advantage of you. I was reminded of this yesterday when I boarded a bus and received improper change. I didn’t notice until I was back in my seat and started obsessing about the injustice. Then I sat back and realized that the bus driver may have just made a mistake. Moreover, he probably hasn’t given it a second thought since it happened — why am I punishing myself for his offense. Is it really worth ruining my day stewing over the loss of 50 cents?

What I’ve come to realize is that these kinds of thoughts are like poison pills. You don’t chose to take one, but if you accidentally swallow one and let it digest, you only hurt yourself. If you decide someone has done something offensive and focus on it, it will consume your mind. Your emotions create a reinforcing vicious cycle with your thoughts.

It is better to reject the pill; vomit it up for your own well-being. Unfortunately, forcing yourself to vomit is not an easy thing to do. Neither is ceasing to think about an offense you’ve received. If you don’t, however, the effects spread and the toll is greater. If it fully develops into bitterness, you might live with it for a very long time.

Offenses happen all the times in our lives. Most are easily forgotten, but when you feel that someone took advantage of you, you really have to fight to not digest the poison. If there is nothing to be done and the cost is minor, it’s better to swallow our pride, let God take vengeance, and not give it another thought.







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  1. Joao Ferreira Avatar
    Joao Ferreira

    It is easy to say “forget it”, “let it be”. The true question is how to reach such an ease of mind?

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